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Bit-busting! Myths, tricks and tips for the perfect bitting experience

Claire Lund from Bombers helps riders from all over the world choose and fit the right bit for their horses.

Driven by the Bombers’ philosophy that, “pressure equals resistance and resistance equals lack of control”, Claire is passionate about demonstrating willingness and responsiveness in horses who are listened to, and consequently, bitted correctly.

  • Hear why what you think you know about bit fitting might be wrong…and why your horse being pinched by their bit happens less frequently than you’ve been led to believe.
  • Find out how you can create your own bit measurement tool by raiding both the kitchen and the tack room.
  • The household-related tips continue as we learn exactly what Amanda does with her old toothbrushes. Meanwhile, Claire has the dishwasher loaded and Bex shares a concoction involving lemons, sugar and a bit of mesh!
  • They may be oh-so-tempting-to-squeeze but why do modern horses have “chubby squirrel cheeks” and what does that mean for bitting?
  • It’s show and tell time, as Claire suggests putting your hand in your horse’s mouth and explains what you should be feeling for.
  • Why horses that pull and lean aren’t necessarily going to improve with a harsher bit and why bitting is always only one piece of the puzzle when problem solving.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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This was such an interesting podcast, so educational thank you!! 

Best wishes 

Rebecca Stalham
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