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Laura Thyer of Derriere chats with us about their products that could save your behind!

Say goodbye to visible panty lines, camel toe, chafing and swamp crotch with Derriere Equestrian's functional range of stylish underwear designed for men and women!

Are you sick of searching for the perfect undergarments that are comfortable, practical, and durable enough to put up with the demands of an Equestrian’s bottom and don’t look like you inherited them from your grandma? Look no further than Derriere Equestrian! We chat with Laura Thyer, Derriere’s CEO and an Equestrian Underwear Expert who takes us through the impact purpose-made underwear can have on your comfort and riding.

  • Used and loved by Derriere Equestrian ambassador Bex, find out what you could be missing out on if you’re not riding in a pair of Derrieres.
  • We chat about how Derriere compares to cycling knicks and how they cater to equestrians.
  • Want to try Derriere’s products but unsure what style of underwear is right for you? We discuss how to decide which pair to choose.
  • Laura does some myth-busting on the sometimes-taboo subject of underwear, including how Derriere could save you from the unexpected.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

If you’re looking to update your underwear drawer and experience the comfort of Derriere equestrian’s range, head to

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