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Tips for a great photo with your horse

A showjumper and versatile equine photographer who not only works at events but specialises in portrait and commercial photography, Jasmine of Jasmine Punter Photography shares her tricks of the trade.

Jasmine has long been a regular in the British equestrian scene having come from a showjumping background, and is no stranger to wanting to capture that soft eye, relaxed body, true moment of happiness between horse and rider. She also works closely with co-host Bex Mason, and refers to some of these stunning photos within the show. 

  • Aspiring equestrian photographer? Jasmine talks about how she turned her passion into a business, and how her professionalism has catapulted her business into a busting multi-photographer local enterprise. 
  • Want the perfect shot at an event, or want to make sure a photographer isn't at lunch when you're on? Find out what the photographers are looking at, which jumps they'll prioritise and she avoids getting run-over in the ring!
  • Why are there different costs for photographer images? How much editing goes into it and is it required?
  • Desperate for that heart-horse photoshoot but not sure where to start, or perhaps feel a little awkward? Jasmine puts you at ease and shares her tips on everything down to wardrobe. 
  • Simply need to take some nice photos for yourself, or possibly to sell items? Find out how Jasmine herself uses her mobile phone camera when she's out and about. 

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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Hi, I am a passionate amateur photographer and I love taking photos at Horse Events in my home town of Taupo in New Zealand. I am also self-taught, and when I arrive at a jumping competition, I look at the course and have a look at the jumps and see what one I want to photograph. I would also love to become a professional photographer.

Rosie Matthew
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