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Australia v England

In their inaugural episode, Aussie Amanda (Eventer, Olympian) and British Bex (International Grand Prix Showjumper) talk about the differences between owning and competing horses in each country. 


With Bex's sister living down-under in Sydney, Australia, and Amanda having competed and purchased horses in England, the two have real-life horsey experiences in each others countries which cause much debate. 

  • Which horses and riders are tougher? Join the debate - as British horses can handle wet, muddy conditions with ease, the Aussies can handle being outdoor 24/7 come shine, shine or shine!
  • How do Amanda's horses from Ireland go in Australia, and which habits have they kept which makes them stand out from the Aussie crowd?
  • Horses are keen athletes - how do their show jumping and eventing horses differ, what do they look for in horses, and how do they develop their horses for maximum power and soundness?
  • Which country has the best leisure riding/hacking out spaces and gallops?
  • How do Amanda and Bex plan out their week for horse and rider fitness and competitions? Do they stick to a regular schedule?

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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Great idea.. very interesting and informative…really useful and enjoyable 😊

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