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Equine vet answers hoof care questions

Dr Luke Wells-Smith from Motion Equine Centre is an equine veterinarian who specialises in hooves. Even as a 15-year-old shoeing horses in his Grandad’s trail riding business, Luke understood that keeping horses sound revolved around correct foot care. 

Driven by a self-confessed addiction to making horses feel more comfortable, Luke consults to veterinary hospitals, industry stakeholders and insurance companies in Australia and overseas. His expertise also helped to keep Amanda Ross’ event horse, Dicavalli Diesel, performing at 4* level, despite the warmblood’s less-than-perfect foot conformation. 

  • In this bumper episode, listen as Luke shares why there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to influence an almost-instantaneous improvement in equine movement.
  • Luke weighs in on what it takes to create an environment where performance horses can compete barefoot, as well as when and how to use studs on your eventer.
  • Uncover the truth about hoof supplements and dressings plus get Luke’s advice on what really works to harden hooves.
  • Hear why Luke doesn’t mind if your horse is naughty when he’s visiting, but how to avoid getting ghosted by your farrier.
  • Find out the reason Luke believes there’s no such thing as a “perfect hoof” and the best way to identify the perfect management plan for your own horse’s feet.
  • Why do his staff call Luke the “Stable Nazi”? Hint – it’s got to do with creating the perfect bedding for when your horse is on box rest.
  • Commiserate over why holding a shoeing nail or plaiting needle between your teeth is a trap for young players!

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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