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Feeding supplements made easy with Horslyx

Joanna Hockly-Andrews from Horslyx tells us all about Horslyx’s game-changing range of forage balancers which come in the form of a lick!

Many horse owners will know the struggle of a fussy horse that manages to filter out supplements or just refuses to eat their food all together, resulting in stress for horse and owner! Horslyx’s range of products provide an alternative solution to traditional powdered or pelleted supplements. Their palatable licks come in a range of flavours for a range of different purposes while also looking after your pocket. Joanna brings with her a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience ensuring the welfare of many beloved horses.


  • Knowing what supplements to feed your horse can be a daunting task, Joanna talks us through Horslyx’s range of supplements and their different purposes.
  • Do you normally avoid feeding your horse licks due to concerns about molasses or sugar content? Joanna busts some myths about the sugar content of Horslyxs and explains how they can still be suitable for horses with sugar sensitivities.
  • Wondering why you would choose a lick over a traditional balancer? We discuss who Horslyx suit and what the benefits are including some personal testimony from our very own Bex Mason.
  • Joanna takes us through how to correctly introduce Horslyx and how once introduced correctly, many horses begin to use their licks intuitively.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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