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Help! Is my horse lame?

Dublin-born veterinarian, Christine Demery, has called Australia home for the past 11 years. She’s an integral part of the Crown Equine Veterinary Services team, as well as host Amanda Ross’ personal vet! Christine’s special interest in orthopedic surgery has led to her wealth of experience in investigating, and treating, lameness in horses. 

Christine shares the right time to involve your vet when your horse’s soundness is in doubt and what’s involved with a general lameness exam.

  • Every horse has times when their movement seems stiff or a “little bit off”, but when should you be concerned that your horse is lame? 
  • Christine shares the sort of video you should send your vet when you’re trying to pinpoint lameness? Hint: it’s not one filmed from in the saddle!
  • You’ll love the practical suggestions for fast-tracking a lameness diagnosis, including one as simple as scheduling some time to practice trotting your horse in a straight line.
  • Which host is a regular at her local pub on the quest for “firmness”?
  •  And what does underwear have to do with an unsound horse? Amanda has a wardrobe malfunction story to share, while Christine offers her tips for dressing appropriately during a trot-up.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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