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Mental training for horses

Tristan Tucker is an Australian horseman and Grand Prix dressage rider, who is now based in the Netherlands. His popular, step-by-step training program, the TRT Method is studied by 37 000 students across 64 countries.



Motivated by the principle that riders must focus on the mental training of horses before other training, Tristan has developed a set of tools to solve any equine behavioural problem.

  • Amanda reminisces about coaching Tristan at Pony Club; now she follows him on social media!
  • Hear why Tristan felt compelled to leave a life in Australia of working horses in the morning and surfing in the afternoons.
  • Tristan explains that all your horse’s experiences are held in their body and elaborates on what this means for their training.  
  • Discover why Amanda lives by the principle, “we chose the horse, the horse didn’t choose you” and how this applies to Tristan’s teaching too.
  • Tristan’s alter-ego is exposed! Find out the story behind Brett Kidding.
  • Why you need to ask yourself the question: If someone was to interview my horse, what would he say about me?

 All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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