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Preparing for Equine Emergencies with Dr Lizzie McCready

Dr Lizzie McCready is an equine veterinarian and founder of Empowering Equine Education, an online platform specialising in providing horse owners and equine professionals advice and education on Equine Emergency Response. 

Through her years of experience working in the UK and Australia in an equine practice and as an ambulatory vet, Dr Lizzie has learnt the gold-standard techniques to manage equine emergencies. Having witnessed common and preventable mistakes again and again, Dr Lizzie is now using her knowledge to help empower horse owners to be confident to take the correct steps to prevent further injury and give their horse the best chance of recovery



  • Dr Lizzie tells us how an unfortunate injury was a blessing in disguise and a catalyst for the creation of Empowering Equine Education. 
  • Emergencies are one of the scariest moments for any horse owner. Dr Lizzie shares her tips and tricks to make emergencies less stressful for both you and your horse.
  • Dr Lizzie shares her three-step ACT framework to help you to decide your plan of action and, in turn, prevent unnecessary costs or callouts. 
  • Do you struggle to take your horse’s temperature? We discover the importance of knowing your horses’ vitals and the best methods to get accurate measurements in a safe manner. 
  • Knowing what to place in your first aid kit is often difficult but is an important step to ensuring you are prepared for an emergency; Dr Lizzie shares her complete first aid kit checklist and her tips to make sure that your kit is always ready.
  • Have you ever wondered how illnesses differ from Australia to the UK?  We chat about the influence of climates and how there are plenty of similarities in both countries.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.


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