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Producing Young Horses with Sam Woods and Bradley Champagne

Sam Woods and Bradley Champagne are two very exciting up-and-coming riders who live and breathe eventing, including being the “right-hand-man” to two of the world’s leading event riders, Boyd Martin and Shane Rose! 

Specialising in breaking in and starting young horses, Brad and Sam spend most of their day giving race and performance horses the best start to their ridden careers, which sometimes includes acting as the crash-test dummy! Listen in for an insight into what a day working at the two of world’s top event stables entails and hear some sage words of advice about how to approach your young horse.


  • We start from the beginning, as we delve into how Brad and Sam’s passion for horses started.
  • Have you dreamt of working on a professional eventing yard? We chat about how Brad and Sam landed their respective roles.
  • Hear the inside scoop on working for top event riders like Shane Rose and Boyd Martin.
  • Learn about Sam and Brad’s approach to training young horses as they both empathise the importance of patience and time when working with any horse.
  • Have you wondered what to look for in a young event horse? Brad and Sam chat about what characteristics they look for in a future event star!

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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