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Rugging, Grooming and so much more with Leader Equine’s Sarah Jane Colhoun

Hailing from Donegal in the far North-West of Ireland, Sarah Jane has travelled and worked extensively in the horse industry. From yearling preps in Germany, racehorses in South Africa, equestrian retail and point-to-point racehorses in Ireland, including gaining her amateur jockey licence, there aren't many things Sarah Jane hasn't done!


Now heavily involved in the equestrian retail industry, Sarah Jane worked for Horsewear Ireland for several years before moving to Melbourne, Victoria to work for Leader Equine, the official Australian distributor of several of the world's leading equestrian brands, including Horseware Ireland, TRM & PS of Sweden. A true horse lover at heart, you can feel the passion Sarah Jane has for the products Leader Equine stocks as she debunks some myths about rugging and lets us in on the top must-haves for every horse owner.

  • Learn about Sarah Jane's extensive experience in the equestrian world and how this has helped her to choose only the best products for Leader Equine.
  • Your horse's legs are one of the most important things to protect, used (and loved) by Amanda and Sarah Jane, learn about Ice Vibe Boots and how they are more than just ice boots.
  • Goodbye Flys… Hello organic horse care products! More than just fly repellent, find out how Goodbye Flys can help your horse's care regime.
  • Wondering how Tiger's Tongue, Power Shower or Shed Flower have anything to do with horses? Sarah Jane chats through her favourite grooming products.
  • Rugging is a largely debated topic, we bust some myths, give you practical rugging advice, explain the meaning of denier and poly fill and let you in on Sarah Jane's secret to finding the best size rug for your horse.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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