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Up-and-coming Australian event rider Shenae Lowings prepares to go international!

We are joined by successful Western Australian 4* event rider Shenae Lowings, who is hot off her CCI4*-L win at Melbourne International 3DE and with her sights set on an international campaign. Follow the journey of this up-and-coming, Australian event rider as she works her way to the top!


In this episode of The Equestrian Experience Podcast, we speak to rising-star Shenae Lowings. Shenae takes us through her journey to becoming an Elite level event rider and where she hopes her journey will take her next. We let you in on some tips and give you the inside scoop on what can help you get there.

  • Starting riding at the age of 8, Shenae explains her path to get to where she is now and how eventing was her dream from a young age.
  • Shenae lets us in on her most important tips to travel horses across the vast Australian countryside and why the 40-hour drives across the Nullabor made her decide to relocate to the East Coast of Australia.
  • We talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with the best people and ensuring you are always looking for opportunities to learn and improve your horsemanship.
  • Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when campaigning for team selection? We delve into what it takes to get on the radar of team selectors and how national squads play an essential role.
  • Having been under the guidance of many top Australian riders, Shenae has witnessed one attribute that stands out above all else. Shenae also gives us an insight into learning from the incredible horsewoman that is Bettina Hoy after her recent visit to Australia.
  • Planning your competition schedule is an important part of ensuring the health and performance of your horse; while you can prepare all you like, Shenae explains how you have to be flexible as things can always change and so do your plans!
  • As Shenae begins to make plans for her first international campaign, we talk through travelling and competing overseas, what steps are required to get to your destination and what preparation ensures the best chance of arriving with a happy and healthy horse.

All this and so much more in this episode of THE EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE.

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